Product portfolio

Punching & trimming machines

Alternate technologies, many possibilities.

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, pneumo-hydraulic or manual drives.
  • Ultra-sonic, hot or cold knife punching.
  • Direct “on-die” or transfer loading.
  • One step radius and/or chamfer embossing.
  • Addition of downstream processes such as sticking, US welding or assembly clipping in one machine.

Assembly stations

Perfect tools for error free assembly.

  • Part retention and counterforce blocks tailored to assembly requirements including unique cast resin technology for protection of fragile or painted parts.
  • Poke-yoke operator assistance ranging from “pick to light” sensors to automatic part detection via optical sensors or camera applications.
  • Integrated functions such as PLC assisted screwing, stapling, riverting, continuity tests, barcode scanning and label printing.


Perfect fit. Repeatable results.

  • Milling, scoring, US blade and water-jet fixtures for use with flexible robotic systems.
  • A-side or B-side retention via vacuum or pneumo-mechanical clamping circuits.
  • Aluminum, resin block, cast resin or laminate nests.
  • Suitable for thermoplastic, composite and insulation parts.

Injection tools

Thermoplastics & Duroplastics. Always in form.

  • High pressure, thermoplastic injection moulds supplied with industry leading hot runner systems.
  • Low pressure injection moulds for RIM, SRIM or DCDP (Telene).
  • Mechanical or hydraulic sliders in straight or angled configurations.
  • Modifications of existing tools with laser welding support.
  • Capabilities of manufacturing tools up to 16 tons.

Press tools

Forming, covering, clinching, pinching. Impressive Know-How.

  • Specialized tools for insulation and acoustic isolation parts.
  • One-step for forming and punching/pinching technologies.
  • Laser hardened cutting knives up to 60 HRC.
  • Tools sizes up to 4,000 x 4,000 mm.